Wednesday 1 February 2023



This regularly updated page is designed to answer most popular and actual questions among website’s users.

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When is the hyphen used in the name of the event before the year is specified, and when is the dash?

According to the rules of grammar, if the name of the event consists of one word and the year in which the event is held, then in such a situation a hyphen is used to connect the word and the year. If the name consists of several words and a year, then in this situation we put a dash before the year. Examples: Medicine-2015 (hyphen), Medical Tourism – 2015 (dash). Note that a hyphen never has spaces on either side and is often used to link two or more words together.

Why does the name of the event always indicate a year?

According to our internal content rules, the year designation is part of the official name of the event. This is done to make it easier for the user to navigate among the large amount of information presented. The year acts as an immutable application pertaining to the name.